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The Fae Post #12 Back to December

I'll be the one to say it- December got away from me! One second we were prepping for wreaths and my birthday (and being so so thankful to my amazing community for planning me a great princess unicorn Taylor Swift dance party!), and the next it was New Year's Day. So allow me to share the ONLY wreath we made this year- a simple and small piece to honor Farmer Luke's grandparents.

But mark my words- Christmas 2024 will be our biggest and best wreath season yet! We learn so much from little failures like this, so I'm going to grasp onto those lessons rather than flailing around trying to go back in time. What did we learn? Two huge things:

-Wreath season begins before Thanksgiving, because we are swamped afterward, no matter how hard we try to schedule around it.

-Nobody buys wreaths after mid-December because they already have one.

So for 2024, watch for our holiday collection to go live in mid-November! We can't wait to show you all the beautiful wreath trimmings and centerpiece ideas we have-we're going full North Pole!

With most of our work being off the farm in December (we have other jobs, and mine gets particularly nutty during Christmas!), we don't often do much to blog about this month. So I thought we could have a little look back into the beauty of wedding season 2023! This year I noticed that we had an abundance of both neutral (or near-neutral ) weddings and deeply colorful weddings. Do you think that will be the case next year? We are so grateful to all the amazing couples who worked with us this last year to make some magic. We will be back to booking weddings and events in the New Year, so reach out over Winter if you'd like to chat with us about planning your locally grown, seed-to-bouquet wedding.

Until we talk again, much love and many blessings in this beautiful New Year!




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