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The Fae Post #15 March Madness

March, March, March, everything gets busy in March! Frankly, ever since we began this blog, I've begun to think that this beautiful farmer-florist life in never NOT busy. Right now, we're attempting gratitude for the mostly decent weather, enjoying the flurries of snow while they're here, and trying to prep some exciting farm projects for the season. At the same time, we're reminded to not rush into everything. Like putting up our small, unheated greenhouse- we should definitely have waited a few weeks longer so we didn't learn the hard way that several of the seams needed attention before the wind ripped through them. So now we're adding greenhouse repair to our very full Spring to-do list.

Seeds are being ordered and are beginning to arrive, and we're so excited to start them next month! This year we're excited to have some new varieties of sunflowers to add to the mix! (Check out our faves Johnny's Seeds and High Mowing Organics for a lovely cut flower seed selection!) We mostly seed flowers that don't need too much indoor start time, simply because we don't have any space in our small home, so we'll start them inside then quickly transition them to the mini greenhouse (or sometimes straight into the field!) when temperatures are steadier. In the garden, we are tidying up stems from last season, cleaning up walkways, and pulling out nuisances (like stinging nettle and grapevine) before they become too big and too strong. The more we can clean up by hand, the less we will have to till, which helps maintain a healthier soil ecosystem. Remember, we are trying to build beautiful topsoil, not just for one season, but for all future seasons. To that tune, we will be adding compost and compost tea again regularly to directly add nutrients.

Prepping our garden space brings extra joy this year, because of our brand new Late Summer Flower Share program! Thank you all for investing in our first crop share, we can't wait to bring you week after week of responsibly grown, farm-fresh flowers this August and September!

Bridal consultations are slowing as wedding season approaches, but we are more than happy to chat if you are still searching for the right fit for your big day. Hoping for a romantic, dreamy wildflower wedding? Have a crowded barn and abundant sunflowers in mind? Searching for a way to have fun colors and formal elegance? Just want a handful of something to carry to the courthouse? We want to hear all about it! Reach out via dm or through our website to set up a consultation and begin planning your dream wedding florals!

In our own wedding planning, we've been struggling to create a final guest list (does anyone have an easy time with that?) and decide on dinner for the reception. It's...going slowly, but that's alright. The most important food is locked down- dessert! We've decided to work with two amazing local establishments (and friends) for our sweets. Groovy Donuts, of East Lansing and Williamston, will be providing a selection of our very favorite donuts, and the incredibly talented Jill of Drizzle Cakes and Bakes in Owosso will be creating some delicious cakes to compliment! Still looking for the right sweet treat for your events (or just for you)? Check out one of Jill's cakes and our beloved tiramisu donuts from Groovy!

(Photo credit- Drizzle Cakes and Bakes instagram)

We're planning so many fun things for this Summer & Fall, and can't wait to include you in everything. Thanks for being here. Thanks for investing your time, money, and interest in our passion and art.

Talk soon, friends.



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