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The Fae Post #14 Lovely February

Hello Friends!

Wow, February! Was it even here? I swear I blinked and March had arrived. In all the blur of Valentine's Day, consultations, sunny days, and the Durand Bridal Show, I really felt the brevity of the month. But we wanted to take a moment and express extreme gratitude for everybody who trusted us with their Valentine's flowers this year- we had so much fun mixing up colorful Spring flowers for your loves! The beautiful, very un-February weather made for a gorgeous delivery day, and we loved seeing everyone's smiling faces!

The Durand Bridal Show was another delightfully sunny day, and we loved meeting so many of you and seeing you play with our bridal bouquet! Be sure to reach out and cash in your Bridal Show vouchers if you attended. The historic Union Station makes for such a lovely setting for any event, and we're already excited to go back.

We were also able to enjoy time this month working with new couples for wedding season. We love hearing your visions for your big day, so if you're still looking for a 2024 or 2025 florist, shoot us a message! Winter bridal consultations lead to my favorite thing- choosing our seeds for the wedding season! So we've been drafting list after list of potential seeds for the farm. Big this year? Sunflowers! We can't wait to show off the cool, colorful varieties we choose. Our own wedding flowers are on the seed list this year, so indecision is running rampant. For now, we're still planning which seeds and where and when they will go into the garden. The wildly pleasant weather has us itching to plant already, but we know full well it's not anywhere close to time- be sure to read your seed packets, friends! We are currently enjoying the beautiful snowdrops that are tucked all over our perennial beds, and the honeybees have been loving them lately, too.

Farmer Luke and I have been talking, and decided to share a little more of our own wedding journey here to maybe inspire, motivate, or just commiserate with you all. As promised, here's a look at the stunning and personal engagement photos we had done by the incredibly talented Laicee Thill Photography!

For our September wedding, this month we put a lot of focus on our own looks for the big day. Farmer Luke selected a gorgeous hunter green suiting, and I was able to work with one of our friends to find The Dress! If you are based anywhere near the greater Lansing area, we definitely would recommend setting up an appointment (or dropping by during the week!) with the wonderful Lindsey at The Dowry Bridal in Old Town. I felt like a total princess, and Lindsey completely understood the budget, style, and overall vision that I brought. The Dowry has curated a ton of stunning gowns, and everything is off the rack- making it so very fun and simple. Be sure to check out her adorable shop and follow her online!

One last small note- keep an eye on our social media to get first information about our farm bouquet subscription signups coming soon!

We made it through the Winter, the groundhog didn't lie.

Happy Spring, friends!



(Photo credit Laicee Thill Photography)

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