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The Fae Post #13 Was That January?

Hello Friends!

 It's another new year, and I know a lot of us are... well, weirded out by this Winter here in Michigan. While we are desperately trying to rest and research for the upcoming gardening season, scheduling consultations, and maybe attempting a little of our our own wedding planning(!), the weather has just been weird. It's too warm and then viciously cold and dropping inches of snow and ice... and then too warm again. Maybe I'm just freaking out, but I worry that some of our trees and perennials won't get the deep cold hibernation they need for a strong year, which can open them up to pests and disease later this season, and plenty of seeds that need stratifying might not get enough to sprout. But we don't control the weather (the Boji Tower does, of course) and will simply have to plan, prep, and respond to issues that arise.

Is that a bummer way to start the year? Maybe. Maybe I'm just salty because, as a Winter Girly TM, I was devastated to be out of town during the one weekend that we got a beautiful, proper wintry snowfall. It was a lovely trip, and sunshine is never a disappointment. Am I praying for large snowfalls in February? Absolutely. Do I expect them? Not really. But we'll see what good ol' Punxsutawney Phil has to say about it all.

Aside from general, low key panic, we are prepping for the upcoming holiday- Valentine's Day! Orders will open on February 4th and will run through February 12th. You can place your local delivery order on our webstore for a beautiful mix of early Spring flowers, featuring tulips, freesia, and ranunculus in a vintage style vase with a handwritten, vintage-inspired Valentine card! Click over to the shop to check it out!

More exciting upcoming news- we are delighted to announce that FMFE will be showing at the first Durand Union Station Bridal Show on February 25th from 11-3. The show will be held in Durand, MI- my old school stomping grounds- and we would love to see some familiar faces and new folks out at the show! There are over 20 vendors lined up currently and the space is so beautiful, parking onsite, and plenty of goodies will be handed out to brides-to-be. Register early for a goodie bag full of samples and coupons from the vendors!

On the brighter side of January, Farmer Luke and I were lucky to have the amazing Laicee Thill , of Laicee Thill Photography, out to the farm to play in the woods and do out engagement photo shoot. The pictures look amazing already and I can't wait to share her incredible talent with you all! Laicee is always on my recommended vendors list-check out her Insta and consider booking her for beautifully intimate, creative, and downright cool photography sessions and wedding work. Enjoy the sneak peek below!

And now, back to planning. Prepping. Researching. Mostly though, resting. 2023 was a busy year for us and we will need to get our energy back for 2024!



(photo credit Laicee Thill Photography)

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