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The Fae Post #1 January

Hello friends! Over here on the farm at Fae Marguerite things are quietly busy, and we've decided it would be fun to share more of these behind the scene processes of our farming and floristry with you through a newsletter. With this, we'll be able to increase transparency around the kind of very small business we run with our friends and neighbors. This is also where we'll be announcing upcoming sales, specials, events, and big projects. We hope you'll join us on this new part of our little adventure!

This month we wanted to do a spotlight on what we actually do during January to prep for the coming growing season and wedding season. Right now, while a pot of chili bubbles on the stove and some Jiffy cornbread rises in the oven, our cat is snoring quietly on the couch and the snow is falling through the trees in the little woodlot next to our home.

It hasn't been a cold winter yet, so we're looking forward to these snowy days and deep freezes over the next month that will help the land rest, and the ice in the pond thinken enough to go skating. This is the time we try to accept a few moments of stillness and plan for upcoming stresses. Next week a groundhog will poke it's head out and remind us that we aren't too far away from Spring and sunshine and planting and growing, even if we still have six more weeks of Winter sleepiness. I'm currently ordering the last of my seeds for this year and drafting and redrafting our garden plan and successions. This year I'm really excited to get some "Sun Ball" Craspedia (also known as Billy Balls or Drumstick Flower, we got ours through Johnny's Seeds) started early enough to have through the season. We gave it a trial run last year and were pleased with the results-cute little ping-pong balls of mustard yellow on top of squiggly stems that dry beautifully and delight clients- but unfortunately our patch was cut off by an earlier frost. I really love using these little guys to add some whimsy into centerpieces and wedding work that can feel a little too serious without them, so we'll be planting at least two successions of them in the garden this year to spread the joy!

The other major project on our minds right now is the upcoming holiday- Valentine's Day! Loved by many and loathed by plenty, we like to make this as stress-free of a holiday as possible. On our website ( you can place an order to have stunning flowers hand-delivered to your beloved throughout the greater Lansing area, and you're all set! We'll handle the rest-selecting plump roses and fragrant eucalyptus to compliment tulips, evergreens, and more in a sugary-sweet palette of pinks, reds, purples, whites, and corals, all arranged in a glass vase with love. Because that's just the thing-we love what we do. And we love being able to share that with all of you. That's part of what makes us local and personal.

Next month we'll get a little more personal with some staff introductions and an update on our plans for the Spring! Until then, enjoy the cozy comfort of the snow out the window, and remember that sunny Spring is coming soon enough. You can also keep up with us on Instagram and Facebook, and be sure to swing by the new online shop and digital gift certificates.

Take care, friends!



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