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The Fae Post #10 A World Where There are Octobers

Updated: Jan 29

I love October. It’s such a rush! Everything happens all at once but in perfect harmony. One second it’s still summer and the next all the leaves are falling. We have been so blessed with abundance this October and are so grateful.

Right off the bat it was mushroom season in full swing! We harvested pounds and pounds Maitake, or Hen of the Woods, from a favorite tree at the beginning of the month. We love shredding these like chicken and sautéing them to freeze for a perfect meaty addition to soups and gravies and savory pies all winter. At the same time, our hazelnut guild was in full mast and produced the largest yield ever! I’m so thankful we have enough to plant AND a few to eat!

Naturally, during the busy harvest time, we were also busy building another gorgeous wedding! We were delighted to be working with our friends at Stone House Farm in Bancroft to create this wedding.

A romantic and rusty floral suite complete with stunning local dahlias! Shout out to our friends at Shell Gardens and Peachy Keene Flowers for these beauties. October in an incredible time of year for local flowers, and these dahlias were at their peak with the cool fresh mornings and warm sunny days, mimicking their native high altitude ecosystem.

This brought our amazing wedding season to a close, and we are so excited to be planning for 2024 couples! (Can I say that I’m excited to be one of those couples?!) Huge thanks and congratulations to all the beautiful humans who let us flex our floristry muscles and make your day a little more special! If you are planning a ceremony, reception, or elopement and want to incorporate beautiful local flowers into your vision, please reach out and let’s chat! We love speaking with couples over the winter so we can plan our seed order and grow your flowers for your wedding.

The frost was kind to us this year, and we were delighted to be able to provide fresh table flowers and edible flowers to our friends at Red Haven almost all month long! The bachelors buttons and the calendula held on the longest. But frostmas always comes, and the end of October brought us frost, a new Taylor’s Version, and Halloween snow, complete with parkas over warm costumes.

We began to cutdown the large brown stalks of sunflowers past and pull up the once bushy, now crispy, marigolds. Fall cleanup is here, and staying for a while.

But, as Anne said,

I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.



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