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The Fae Post #6 Of June

Snapdragons are happening! These overwintered volunteer babies are the tallest and nicest snaps we’ve ever grown! Most of them are Rocket mix, but a few are the pink Madame Butterfly, which has a delightful, light fragrance. Also happening are bachelor’s buttons, linaria, oxeye daisies, and of course, the peonies. The peonies didn’t have a great time in the hot dry spell we had, but they still pushed through and were as fragrant as ever, if not quite as large. Roses are blooming all over town and the air is sweet with flowers. Boy was it dry, though. Thankfully, we’ve gotten back to a manageable watering schedule, instead of the 3-4 times each day.

Summer is really, finally here! Our ranunculus have bloomed, and we’ve been taking them and our snapdragons, daisies, and linaria over to Red Haven regularly. We’ve also begun taking them some of our edible flowers! Watch your plates this month for dame’s rocket, wild violets, snapdragons, daisies, and bachelor’s buttons!

Summer also means wedding season! (Are you sick of us harping on about it yet?) Our first three weddings of the season were this month and we had so much fun with them! Two were all white, with lush greenery and a black-tie elegance, and the third was mostly all white, with the bride carrying a huge rainbow bouquet- and nothing feels more appropriate in June than a huge rainbow bouquet! Congrats to our wonderful June 2023 couples!

Speaking of rainbows, June is Pride month and I’m taking this as an opportunity to share a picture of one of our staged shoots with amazing local photographer Laicee Thill Photography, and real-life-couple models Kathryn and Leslie. We are so in love with this photoshoot out on the farm and with how everyone worked so hard to capture this beauty and joy! We are proud to work with every kind of couple, and want to make your big day look and feel the way you always dreamed it would. Reach out if you’d like to talk about flowers for your upcoming wedding!

We are steadily succession sowing sunflowers and zinnias for the season, and have tucked in a few rows of nasturtiums and basil for edible flowers, bouquet fillers, and some homemade pesto later this season. SO much of our time is weeding, now that the rain has returned. But on top of that usual challenge, we are also facing harsh aphid pressure on our bachelor’s buttons and some of our perennial crops. We use a combination of diatomaceous earth and safer soap to help keep these guys at bay. Luckily, I’ve also seen a few ladybugs in the garden nearby, so they’ve been found out by the predator bugs and will hopefully be under control soon. Luckily, MidSummer is upon us and days are delightfully long and light, and we have the time to enjoy ourselves in the garden.

And, yes, I did have the time of my life with my bestie at the Taylor Swift concert!

Here’s to a beautiful Summer season and the joy that the sunshine brings!



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