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The Fae Post # 7 July, July, July

We have big news.

We’ll get to it!

At the end of June I told Farmer Luke if I didn’t get to touch a Great Lake soon I would scream. We promptly took the first weekend of July to head over to Lake Michigan! Very much needed escape, haha! We also got to explore Holland (my first time there!) and the Ledges in Fitzgerald Park out in Grand Ledge (my first time there, too!). Nothing like a little summer exploration!

The garden is overflowing, as it tends to do in July. The delphinium led the way, and the black-eyed Susans quickly caught up. They are still bursting, frankly. This particular bed of BES was sown last year, and overwintered and self-seeded in the sheltered bed. Some of them are as tall as me, but are leaning heavily on their supports after the rough storms these last couple of weeks. The overwintered snapdragons, the dainty linaria, and our ranunculus have given way to the high heat. But the sunflowers, zinnias, and dahlias are beginning to head up and show color. Our marguerite daisies (just like in the logo!) are in bloom and practically light up in the twilight glow. The bee balm is exploding like a month-long fireworks show just for the pollinators and us! Our year-old yarrow patch is thick and too tall for it’s own good, it will need support soon or it’s going to lean under it’s own weight. But the pollen-heavy fragrance coming off the bed is amazing and summery. This will be used in just about everything we make for the next month or two!

We’ve made up a compost tea to apply weekly to the gardens, especially the dahlias and other heavy feeders. It also helps us control diseases and pests by feeding the plants and keeping them strong and healthy enough to fight off problems. We make ours with comfrey and nettle leaves, and create an anaerobic tea. It sure smells terrible. Just really gross. BUT it makes the plants so, so happy! And it’s free. So we do it. You can find an instructional video on our Instagram from last season. We just mix a portion into the watering can and sprinkle it on everything and voila! A happy garden appears. Too bad it feeds the weeds too, but weeding is unavoidable in our world.

We had a wonderful and beautiful local wedding this month for our small business friends at Bud, Branch, and Blossom! Congratulations!! We were so honored to create your dream wedding flowers! We were able to grow roughly 1/3 of the product used for this wedding, with another 1/3 being grown right down the road at Shell Gardens Flowers and even some hydrangeas grown by the couple themselves. There’s nothing quite like having your wedding flowers sown, grown, harvested, and designed just for you! We are still booking for late 2023 and 2024 weddings, let us know if we can help you with your vision.

One small note on our blog-it seems our last few posts disappeared, so April, May, and June have been re-uploaded- be sure to check them out!

SO on to our big news! We are delighted to announce that we have been accepted as a vendor at Lansing’s All-Inclusive Bridal Show! Hosted by The Studio @ 414 and Beauty & Bridal by Tealheart, this awesome show will be on August 27th from 2-5PM and has free admission! This bridal show is put on by and for the LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC communities and their allies. We are so honored to be able to offer our services to make your wedding the wedding of your dreams. And if that just so happens to be a big rainbow wedding... WE WOULD LOVE TO HELP! We LOVE a rainbow palette! But also, we’re here for your non traditional wedding flower needs, your classic white weddings, your retro courthouse marriages, your wildflower elopements, and whatever else you dream up. We want you to be your most comfortable and happiest and most in love on your big day, and part of that comfort comes with the peace of mind knowing that your vendors respect and accept you for you!. That’s why we do this wedding florist thing! Because we love love, every kind of love. Please stop by our booth on August 27th at The Studio @ 414 (the old Loft!) from 2-5PM to chat with us about what we can create for you! You can find more information and a link to the FB event on our socials. Be sure to follow Beauty & Bridal by Tealheart and The Studio @ 414 on Facebook and Instagram for more information, too!

We do have some other big news too, but you’ll find out soon enough. ;)

Happy Summer! Stop and smell the flowers! Go touch a Great Lake!



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