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The Fae Post #8 August Slipped Away

August on the farm is full of sunshine and sunflowers! The extra vitamin D in everyone’s systems is a palpable energy and the long days are filled with alternating getaways and projects. We ran off to Detroit (for a weekend of good old fashioned wrasslin’!) and we fertilized the garden; we escaped to my parents’ cabin and we showed out for Bridal Shows, bridal showers, and weddings; we went out disc golfing in the woods with pals and we harvested SO MANY sunflowers for wraps at the Old Town General Store! But that sunshine sustained us and we made it out of the dog days of Summer into the golden deliciousness of early Fall. Don't forget that we are offering our first design class in Old Town on September 10- details and tickets are in our webstore!

In the midst of it all, we finally gave up our secret to more than our very immediate family- Farmer Luke and I are engaged to be married! We ran off to the lake last month and came back betrothed. We’re so excited, and part of that is knowing that we have years of wedding experience under our belts, so it’s going to be very fun to plan (and of course, soooo pretty!). It's going to be awesome sharing some firsthand experience with you all! With so many stunning blooms as props, I kind of feel like the garden is excited too! We plan to grow our flowers for the ceremony, and have already started planning fun seed choices. These gorgeous Procut “White Lite” sunnies are definitely making the list!

The garden has been enjoying the compost tea treatments this month, almost a little too much. When everything is well fed, that means the weeds are too. They’ve finally gotten a chokehold on some of our early season beds, and it’s only a matter of time before they become too much to handle. But I like to utilize our hand scythe or weed whip to at least keep the finished beds at bay until I can weed them again. This also helps interrupt the weeds going to seed, buying a little more precious time.

This month we had the pleasure of showing at Lansing’s first All-Inclusive Bridal Show! We made sure to bring along a bridal bouquet for folks to pick up and play with (and even get their picture taken!), and boy did everyone look so darling with it. The show was a blast, we loved meeting everyone and dancing, and we can’t wait to be back next year!

One of our favorite weddings this month was for J&D, who tied the know in a sweet and personal backyard ceremony. They asked for light-colored flowers to compliment the champagne dresses, and we were so excited o really play with some high summer pastels! Mixing a few complimentary pinks, yellows, and whites with a touch of dark neutrals really helped this bouquet feel like popping open a bottle of bubbly. Want to begin floral plans for next season? Send us a message and let’s chat!

Have an awesome Labor Day, friends. Enjoy the rest of summer while it lasts! August has a tendency to sip away like a bottle of wine... and these are the very best days of blooms!



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